Core Values

The employees and volunteers associated with KESHA adhere to the following values:

  1. Community First: The health, education, and harmony of our community are our primary concerns.
  2. Respect: We will respect all people, rich or poor, regardless of gender, faith, education, position, disability, tribe, or culture.
  3. Integrity: We will be honest in our work, especially in the information that we broadcast.  We will not accept monetary “gifts”. We will not give or accept bribes.
  4. Fairness: We treat all people fairly without taking advantage of or giving advantage to anyone.  We will be open-minded and listen to all sides of an argument.  We will present issues fairly without personal bias, which does not mean we will give all arguments equal weight (see editorial/news values).
  5. Stewardship: We use our time, talents and the material resources of the organization/radio station wisely in order to promote health and development in a sustainable way.
  6. Sanctity of Life: We will honour and protect life, which only God gives and takes away.
  7. Life-long Learning: We will strive to adapt to change and to improve our work through life-long critical learning and teaching.


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About KESHA Care

Kenya Sustainable Health Aid (KESHA) is not for profit organization working in Mwingi, Tana County and Lamu County. The organization was registered in 2008 by the Government of Kenya. In its operation KESHA has partnership with over 72...Read More

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